Friday, 20 May 2016

                                                                Who or What is DDCL?

Who we are! We are located in Edmonton Alberta and are a proud Canadian Corporation.

Daniel Foulkes is CEO and can be contacted at 587-597-4228, Email and can be found on google+, Face Book or our Website:

We have three specific areas, a handyman & cleaning service, lumber product manufacturer and a book keeping service. Being a small start-up company we have the flexibility and drive to expand.

Since April- 2016 we have posted on the internet various jobs or products which we manufacture and in Mid-May added the book keeping service.

Handyman Service

Our handymen trouble shoot your issue whether in your residence or place of business inside or outside. Jobs can be small from a broken switch, changing of light bulbs or in need of replacing a rusting light fixture with a new one. We also complete larger jobs from shingling of roofs, installation of decks to installing hardwood or ceramic floors.

Cleaning Service

There are times when you need a cleaning service in your residence because of your busy schedule and the kids help messing up the walls and floors from normal play. A tenant just moved out and a thorough cleaning is required of the apartment from washing down the walls, cleaning the carpet, washrooms, light fixtures, broken or missing light bulbs, dusty ledges, stove, fridge all around and much more depending on your requirements.

Lumber Products

DDCL fabricates lumber Products, which we have a line of pet beds. The beds come in the sizes of small medium and large. Various configurations are also made from these sizes. Raw Lumber products come from Canadian and are of the category of spruce pine or fir. These products are further modified to make our pet beds. We use Canadian made products.

Book Keeping Service

Our mission is to give you accurate book keeping services in a timely manner so you can focus on your business.

DDCL book keeping personnel can make your daily entries to produce monthly, interim reports such as profit and loss and balance sheet.

As a new company branching out in the greater Edmonton area we look forward in helping you with you book keeping, Cleaning requirements, and Handyman Services. Do not forget about our pet beds.

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