Sunday, 15 January 2017

Problem: The home was designed by Klair Homes in Edmonton had the air intake squeezed above the main beam between the rafters (Picture 1) in the basement then below the rafters (Picture 2) then exited out into the back of the house after sharp bends were made. Extra strapping was left attached to the rafters and dangling after the construction was completed above the furnace.
Picture 1

Picture 2

Solution: The intake was moved from the above position to its present location between the rafters which will be hidden by drywall in the future. The flexible intake hose has gradual curves not sharp bends which restrict the air flow.
The gradual bend is shown in the furnace room (Picture 3) from the furnace intake which gradually bends into the rafters. Leading to a straight run to the outer wall (Picture 4) which brings in fresh air from outside.

Picture 3

Picture 4

Gradual bends allows the air to flow through the line with limited restrictions allowing the furnace to work easier than the restrictions shown in the above pictures (Picture 1 & 2) for the same amount of air flow. Less restrictions allows one to save money because the furnace does not work as hard.
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