Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Well as the line was dug up and cut for replacement it was found the line was still full. The line may of collapsed but it definitely full of bad stuff inside of the basement. So knowing the pipe is still plugged in all of the basement outside of the basement will have to be dug up starting at the property line which is half way to the the centre of the road where the man hole is.   Hopefully this is as far as what needs to be done. One has to step through the process of repair. This is just one of the types of projects which we do here at DDCL. If you have a project which needs to be done contact Daniel at 587-597-4228.
One call of ATCO gas has marked their lines already and now ATCO electric will be back in the morning to locate the electrical lines. Doing my due diligence by calling in one call. The digging will start tomorrow outside.

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