Thursday, 1 September 2016

Handyman, Daniel, DDCL 587-597-4228 Integrity of ones workmanship

Integrity is the word which fits I do believe.

For all those out there who complete jobs no matter what the task is or the amount of compensation you get do the best you can. Your compensation will come in long term dividends when you do a good job and people call you back to do other jobs.

When leveling the shed the support beam were not sufficient to stop the shed from flexing mid-way along the length. Entering the shed many screw heads were stripped, had gaps from the base of the screw to the mating plastic surface. Workers who are proud of their work would replace the screws and ensure the screw joint ends up as designed. Yes, integrity of the person who put the shed together. It might be that the compensation was not great enough to fix issues and maybe the owner would not see the craftsmanship. There are many people out there who do an excellent job. It could be that the cold and hot weather “expansion and contraction forces” caused some issues. But the stripped screws do not fall in the category here. The bit could have been worn out but in this case should have been replaced. In my opinion the supplier should be contacted and fix issues which are found by the owner, within reason.

There are some times when completing a job nothing goes as planned and this is the time to take a step back and regroup even if you have to leave it for a few hours or the next day. One should always guarantee his or her workmanship. Doing work for others and expecting huge compensation packages is unreasonable for the owner could be anyone and you might be on the receiving end in the future.

Here is a picture of one of a few incorrect screw attachments, there are others which almost fell out or had stripped heads as mentioned previously. While on this job unfortunately the peek plastic was broken so it was taped over to help in preventing rain from entering. I would have thought that there would also be end caps to keep the insects out but none were seen. O boy all these little repairs take time and I honestly believe that we will all be compensated in the future by being fair to all clients.

Have a great day from all of here at DDCL.

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