Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Have you ever needed someone to fix or replace or fix items around your residence or business in the greater Edmonton Area. DDCL can provide a complete Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Carpentry residential Maintenance service. We specialize in roofing and electrical and plumbing fixture replacements.
“DDCL” can be found on Facebook, Instagram or Google Blogs and our business is located at 3613 Claxton Place SW. Daniel uses messenger, can be texted at 587-597-4228 or reached a...t daniel@ddcl.ca.
A member of the Better Business Bureau, Alberta Construction Safety Association and Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Have a problem with a hole in the drywall of your residence?
The drywall in these two pictures are pushed inwards and the bonding skin is broken on the back surface. The drywall could be cut into any shape. If the damaged is large cut out the drywall to reach from stud to stud which is normally on sixteen inch centres. For small holes use a stick as a back support. Next the joint is tapped and drywall is applied until the final contour is complete.
In the near future the fin...ished result will be photographed. Our work is guaranteed.
We are members of: Alberta Construction Safety Association, Better Business Bureau, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.
We can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Google and our website is DDCL.ca
Contact DANIEL at 587-597-4228, daniel@ddcl.ca if you have residence project which you would like completed but do not have the time or knowledge of how to complete.

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