Sunday, 23 October 2016

Picking out lumber or other supplies, to estimating for a construction project. Every piece is not usable, some have too long of cracks, are crooked and bowed, or ring shake etc.

Have you ever needed someone to fix or replace or fix items around your residence or business in the greater Edmonton Area. DDCL can provide a complete Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Carpentry residential Maintenance service. We specialize in roofing and electrical and plumbing fixture replacements.
“DDCL” can be found on Facebook, Instagram or Google Blogs and our business is located at 3613 Claxton Place SW. Daniel uses messenger, can be texted at 587-597-4228 or reached a...t
A member of the Better Business Bureau, Alberta Construction Safety Association and Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

There are many people out there who think picking up supplies is easy and time is free for picking up the supplies and time starts only at your place of residence. For those people I guess they pick up all their supplies for their work and then go to work. Sorry but it took me years to learn what products are better than others and what to get without wasting time.

Fuel prices, insurances and other vehicle expenses are part of our price and GST is to be charged.
Yes owning a business has its rewards for we get to meet many great people out there. DDCL is a general contractor and we complete all kinds of residential projects from sewer to renovations. To keep our costs low we mainly work by time and materials.

We are in the process of expansion and have the normal growing pains. DDCL is a member of The Better Business Bureau, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, and Alberta Construction Safety Association.

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