Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Central Vacuum Attachments or Connections in Buildings Using Electrical Tape vs Electrical Nuts
Increasing voltage and amperage to electrical devices increases the risk potential shorts and electrical fire hazards if electrical tape is used to hold and insulate the bare electrical wire end.
Electrical connections should be sound firm connections by using the appropriate components such as electrical nuts for the particular wire size and quantity of wires. If electrical tape i...
s used to cover the wires as the voltage and amperage increase the potential of burn through the electrical tape increases. The ends of the wire when cut have sharp edges and as tape is wrapped around the wire stretch and thin out. Most of all the electrical tape will deteriorate over time. Electrical nuts are designed to hold the wires together and have a solid protective coating to prevent shorts, burn through and maintain a tight connection among the wires joined.
When central vacuum connection are failing intermittently after years of use from connecting and disconnecting it is time to inspected and resolve your issue. If twisting the hose connection from side to side to make the central vacuum start-up it is possible that the hose end is failing, wires connections could be broken / disconnected or the connection itself is broken. Once should never forget that pipes could also be plugged, broken or even disconnected.
The only way to determine your particular issue is to systematically trouble shoot.
We could possibly resolve your central vacuum issues so contact DDCL’s Representative Daniel at 587-597-4228. Have a great days and see you next time.

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