Friday, 9 September 2016

Well working in Edmonton and replacing a bathroom ceiling fan. The installation went well up to the point where I found out the fan run all the time. This was strange because I just replace the fan unit so the cover was removed and took a wee peek. Electrical tape was seen wrapped around the common "white wire" and load "black wire". Both wires were not completely covered with electrical tape. Another wire was cut off in the box and the end was not covered with a electrical nut. This could cause a electrical short or worse. The switch for the fan now works properly. Always appreciate the business and look forward to challenges which tomorrow brings. At DDCL there are no jobs too small. Contact Daniel our representative at 587-597-4228. We have a book keeping service completed by book keepers and a cleaning service for residential or commercial settings. Have s great evening everyone.

Wire is hooked like a chain, Electrical tape wrapped around the wire, Load wire is cut & has open end

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