Friday, 9 September 2016

The project today was to stop a water leaking into the garage at the footing wall interface. The water is leaking approximately six feet along one side of the garage on the inside. The ground along the outside wall was removed down to the footing and inspected for holes, cracks, wood in seams or anything else that might be an issue.

Originally when the soil was added a section of the seam was not sealed with the protective barrier which caused the leak. Big Blue is added along the wall footing interface after following  manufacturers recommendations.

On this side of the garage the soil is a bit saturated with water so a secondary protection system is going to be installed to remove excess water from the immediate area.

If you have foundation leaks in your garage contact our representative Daniel at 587-597-4228. Have a great day.
Removal of Soil,                              Preparation of the Cement                               Big Blue, Primary Protection

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